´╗┐Shoppers topper on Apple App Store, China The world is fast moving and China is in the lead for the race of being the best in all categories. Chinese are emerging in all the fields and is making a mark in all of it. It is undeniably one of the best countries in the world, when it comes to taking the center stage. There are building huge amounts of revenues in all the sectors. They are not going to stop in making huge profits out of the investments they are making. Recently they have created an outstanding record in surpassing the US by creating the highest revenue on the Apple’s App Store. This country is in the priority lists of all the business tycoons. They are aware of the fact, if they are going to invest here, they will reap greater amounts of benefits. Surpassing the US is really a credible job done by the Chinese and is still creating history. Smartphone usage has become prominent with the current generation. China is considered to be the largest of all the countries in manufacturing Smartphones. It is evident that almost 80 percent of the products which are getting exported to different countries are made website in China. So, it is no big deal for them to be the world’s most happening Smartphone industry as well. This country has the largest population in world and holds the first rank for population. Everything which is happening is technology driven and this country doesn’t leave a chance to make it to the top. The citizens of China have a great amount of perseverance in getting things done in their own way. They have the attitude to outdo all their neighboring countries and the world as well. The expenditure which the users have made in the App store has been tremendous. We can clearly see that in has increased by 5 times from what it was 2 years ago. It has the population which three times more than what US has presently. The country had taken quite a long time to scale up the charts and outdo the Americans. App Annie is a platform used to predict the economy of the mobile applications. The analytics which are taken are with the help of this platform. It is one of the most recommended platforms by the App owners, as it provides accurate analysis. According to the analysis made by App Annie, it shows that the revenue which China has made in App store is 1.7 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2016. Americans have spent around 1.45 billion dollars in the same quarter. It is ahead of the Americans by 15 percent which is a significant number. Statistics even state that the US has been in the number one position in the iOS market. This case was since the year 2010, but the scenario has changed and China has taken the place. There is a prediction made that China will be able to create the best revenue growth in any of the countries. Efforts have been made by the company to bring in more revenue Lisri from China. The organization has recently opened two Research and Development centers in China. Majority of the revenue which has incurred is through the gaming apps. Most downloaded apps of all the gaming apps is Pokémon Go. Social networking and amusement apps take the second place, when it comes to highly recommended apps. The increase in download of these apps has made a triple fold since 2015. People have started to invest in Smart TV, as they are opting for Video streaming apps. It has a great impact on the entertainment industry, as even they need to start upgrading themselves with the current trends. In 2015, in the third quarter revenue China was lagging behind Japan, it was in the third spot. Now, Japan has gone to the third spot, US to the second and China to the first. That is an outstanding growth which the country has shown, and it continues to do so. Last year US made 1 billion dollars revenue, but this year China has out done that as well, by scaling up to 1.7 billion dollars. The iOS market in China did great amounts of revenue with the social networking, gaming and video streaming apps. But, the US and Japan have excelled in the usage of “Netflix” when compared to China. It is an undeniable fact that the country alone has incurred a huge amount of revenue with downloads of Pokémon Go. It has made 600 million dollars of revenue with downloads of the gaming app. Consumers have been buying gaming apps which have the ability of integrating collaborative multiplayer games. App Annie has not enlisted the prominent apps which the users are presently using. The famous gaming app “Pokémon Go” did have huge downloads. But, the attention of the users from using other apps was not deviated. Gaming apps revenue is the major part on the whole; it has incurred 75 percent of the Apple’s App store revenue. In the near future the non-game apps are going to catch up with the gaming apps. Presently, we can see that the location based augmented reality game has occupied 45 percent of the time spent on mobile apps when compared to popular games in the App store. The rest of the 55 percent of the time spent on the rest of the games is on Android devices. It may come as a shock to most of us that, this popular game has beaten the Facebook and Whatsapp. People tend to install apps which are developed by the Chinese on their Apple devices. But, on the Android devices people don’t install the Chinese apps. Instead, it has the US based mobile apps downloaded by the users. The users have been purchasing the gaming apps and other in-app purchases. This has led to huge amounts of profits to the mobile app developing companies. It is not just them who are benefitted; it is the App store which provides access to download the apps for iOS. It is anticipated that the Chinese are going to dominate their rivals and neighboring countries. With the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus, we can expect that the revenue is going to increase. Apple is aware of the fact that the demand in China for Apple products is rising. Fetching the details of the sale of iPhones in China for the fourth quarter will provide the final revenue. Then it will be evident that this country is not lagging behind in any aspect. Digital market is what all the investors are investing, as it is bringing in huge amount of profits to the business. Technology is trending everywhere and people are using digital products. Apple is one of the best companies in providing digital products to the world. The brand has gained a reputation amongst the people and is flourishing. The company is planning to build strong relations with China and improve the possibilities of expanding its business. The country is becoming the largest market in the world for all the businesses and investments. It has come a long way to become the best and will go beyond that to reach for the skies, and make it bigger and better.